Image changer

This is the original post

and this is it after i did some changes.

It was a long story…

First I want to keep “Of course i can” so i put “eat this much” down. But then I realized that it need to have something related to CT 101. So I planed to change it into “Of course I love CT 101″ and” “FOOD this much” but at that point it was just take some more complicated steps to change from “EAT” to “FOOD” so I just decided to keep it that way 🙂

Hope you guys have fun go through my process 🙂

This is the a better look :).


My cool CT 101 Class :x

I never thought that I will be able to make a memes especially through the photoshop app until just now. It’s easier than i thought, and some tools does work as we used to do before in Microsoft Word. I chose Shiba Inu, one of my favorite thing to edit as my first memes.


This is literally me when I heard that we need to create memes today, and then my surprise face within 5 minutes later when I found out that is pretty easy to do so.

Excited Hailee Steinfeld GIF by Music Choice - Find & Share on GIPHY


Memes, you cant bother me anymore. 


And to sum up, this picture describe my relationship between me and CT 101

And yes. of course, with all that love from me. CT 101. PLEASE BE NICE TO ME 🙂

Happy Things on the Internet <3

There are several things that make me happy on the Internet, but one of that is watching cooking video or reading new recipe and trying it out.


When i get online, i like to watch video about food, looking for new place to trying new food out, watching video that related to cooking or baking.


I love cooking when I have free time, and searching new recipe online and making something new is really fun to me. Sometime the food I made tastes better than I expected.