American sitcom

Move on to the next hobby of mine : I love to watch movies, TV shows, sitcom. English is not my first language so when I was learning English, I really enjoy watching American sitcom to improve my English

There are a lot of sitcom and each of them has it own style. However, there are still some of my favorite sitcom like Friends, How I met your mother, Fresh of the boat, etc

For instance, when I first watch Friends, there were a lot of jokes, dialogue that I could not understand. It was really difficult for me at first watching it without subtitles since I am an English learner so at the beginning it was quite bored to me.

But then since I am keep watching it again and again and practice to listen to their accent and get use with it.

I turned myself into a sitcom-holic since … I dont even know when, but there’s one thing I know for sure is that thanks to sitcom, my English has improved a lot. I know that there’s not only me but others foreigners also learn English through sitcom as well.

Sitcom also a kind of relax activity, when you can just sit down and chill. It’s also can be a good start for any topic. Just say if you go to a party and do not know anyone or anything in common, you can start with sitcom, since most American know and have one favorite sitcom


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