Avenger Alert!!!! DON’T SPOIL!

One of the craziest thing that everyone is talking about on Internet over the past 2 weeks is all about : Avengers – End Game

This is considered to be the last season of Avengers after the long journey of 10 years. A lot of Marvel’ fan all over the world are looking for this to come out. The tickets has been selling really quickly and it’s hard for some people to get their ticket right on time to see the movie.

Most people normally want to be the first one to watch their favorite character on screen, however maybe due to the “hype” of Avengers, tickets sold out really quickly, so some people could not watch it right on time.

One thing lead to the other, people keep sharing this hashtag online #dontspoil or #dontspoiltheendgame to prevent spoilers on the Internet. My friends told me that she turned off her Facebook and Instagram for the week because she afraid to accidentally see a spoiler.



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