Cherry Blossom

Spring is finally here after a longggg winter season.

The first sign of spring season is when we can see flowers blooming, trees dressing up with a new color of green. There is a flower that only have here in spring and last only few weeks but the beauty of it it just cannot describe by words.


it’s a bit difficult for us to see those amazing cherry blossom in New York City because those high building and how crowded this city is, but just couple hundred miles aways in Washington DC, you can totally see it

This is some pictures of cherry blossom I took by myself in Washington DC last year. As i heard people said, those cherry blossoms are originally from Japan and was given to Washington DC as a gift to contribute the relationship between two contries.


View to Washington Monument

Look up to the sky and all you can see is cherry blossom. 

This year, luckily I got a chance to visit Japan and see those cherry blossoms with my eyes and actually touch it.

There is cherry blossom every where in Japan, in every corner, it’s really a breathtaking view that I think if you have a chance, come to Japan in spring to witness these beauty since  there’s only one season per year and it did not last so long.

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