Final Blog post

I cannot believe that this is already my last blog post already :(. Time really do flies fast.

I am not so good with technology, I never ever thought that I could create a GIF myself, not even mention to an entire website like this. To be honest, CT 101 class to me was really really fun and this is the most relaxing class I have ever had inย  my entire school life. I am not saying this because I am writing this post for CT101 but I promise it’s all true. I even tell all my close friends that I had the best teacher ever and send them Professor Ryan’s Instagram page and some of them have already followed him :).

When I first created my website, the problem I had (to me) is that what should I upload on my own website? I only posted some works that we made together in CT101 class on that website but then I feel kind of boring with only those post. (I DO NOT mean those works in CT101 are boring, but my point is everybody has the same works as we all did together in class, so if I only post this to my blog, there’s nothing special that can highlight about me and my own blog.)

So, I decided to start posting things around me, things that make me happy, and things

One of my favorite blog post is this post. I love to share my experiences of where I had been to, food that I tried and interesting things that I want to share with others.

I really enjoyed this class since IT’S NO STRESS AT ALL, and I am enjoy posting things on my blog just like a regular things that I do daily, but not treating it as I am doing my homework or so. Because of that this blog is like my “baby” that I am treating it nicely everyday. I think I will keep maintain this blog after this class since I am already spent so many “love” to it already.

I think with CT101, I earned an A (if I got to grade myself ๐Ÿ™‚ ). since I am enjoying this class and never once treating it as I am doing my homework but as I am learning a new cool skill and sharing my lifestyle.

Summer is coming and let’s stop for a little bit and enjoy our lovely summer ๐Ÿ™‚

This music video is my favorite recently that I am keep listening these days. Hope you guys also have fun listen to it.


This is my summer vibe picture that I just took it at my neighborhood yesterday as you can see with flowers and sun ๐Ÿ™‚



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